Fun Things to Do in San Diego

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fun things to do in San Diego

Historic Duval County Courthouse

San Diego, the county seat of Duval County, is located on San Diego Creek and the Texas-Mexican Railway at the intersection of State highways 44 and 359 and Farm Road 1329, sixteen miles northeast of Benavides, twenty-four miles southeast of Freer, and fifty-two miles west of Corpus Christi on the county line between eastern Duval and western Jim Wells counties. Long before the town itself existed, its site was known to transients. In the eighteenth century travelers between Goliad and Mier used the springs that help feed San Diego Creek and now lie within the city limits as a watering hole. Around 1800 San Diego de Arriba and San Diego de Abajo, two grants totaling eight leagues of land, were granted by the Spanish government to Julián Flores and his son Ventura.  The first settlers may have been Julián Flores’s herdsmen, who had settled on his ranch there by 1815; four years later the Flores family authorized an agent to found a town at the place called San Diego.

One  event of lasting significance for the town occurred in 1867: Father Claude Jaillet built a ten-by-thirty-foot wooden church, which became the only public place of worship between Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande.

Despite the influx of white settlers, San Diego in the late 1800’s  remained in many ways more Mexican than American. Bullfights provided the usual Sunday afternoon entertainment, and Mexican Americans still played a prominent role in San Diego’s affairs.

Unfortunately, San Diego’s  is also known for its tradition of violence in the  20th century which was usually politically motivated. On December 20, 1907, shortly after engineering a sweeping guarache triumph in the county elections, John Cleary, the county tax assessor and leader of the Duval County Democratic Party, was killed by a shotgun blast while sitting in a San Diego restaurant. His assassin escaped while local lawmen were enjoying a fiesta, which they claimed had drowned out the sound of the shooting.

Fun Things to Do in San Diego

Duval County Courthouse.. “Duval County’s first courthouse was built shortly after county organization in the late 1870s. It burned down on August 11, 1914. It was replaced by the current Classical Revival style red brick courthouse which was built in 1916. Marshall R. Sanguinet & Carl G. Staats designed the building with partner R. D. Gottlieb. . In 1938, the Duval County courthouse received a rear addition.

Recommended Restaurants in San Diego….

Jerry’s Diner…located 111 S. Victoria

Tex-Mex… Located at 210 S. Benavides St.

When visiting San Diego Texas nearby attractions include Alice and Corpus Christi.

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