Llano Texas

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Historic Llano County Courthouse

The Spaniards discovered a silver mine near the headwaters of Honey Creek which lead to  those seeking their fortune in the mines to come to this area of  the Hill Country and as a  result  Llano Texas was founded in 1856 along the banks of the spring fed Llano River.  The area is geologically rich with granite. feldspar, talc and graphite.  Impressive granite domes were formed over a billion years ago and it is these geological deposits that have made Llano and the surrounding towns prosper.  When driving through the area you can see granite mines and huge slaps of granite and marble lining the roadways waiting for shipment elsewhere.

The word “Llano” means plains in Spanish which is some what peculiar as there are no plains in the region. When tracing back the history of the region however, it can be determined that the name Llano comes from the name of a Tonkawan Indian tribe, “Rio de las Chanas’ which evolved to “Rio de las Llanos” which in Spanish sound quite similar.  The first twenty years of history of the actual city Llanos was quite a struggle as it was plagued by strife with the Indians.  Local historians talk of tales of scalping’s, and killings of the early settlers. The county’s last Indian battle was fought at nearby Packsaddle Mountain on August 5, 1877 when eight cowmen led by James R. Moss defeated 21 Lipan  Apaches in a 3 hour battle.

Llano Texas Attractions

Historic Llano County Courthouse:  The original courthouse was built in 1885 and was destroyed by fire.  It was rebuilt in 1893 and is one of the oldest remaining courthouses in Texas.  Also on the grounds are several statues honoring American soldiers.

The Confederate Statue.. A tribute to Texans who served during the Civil War, sculpted and erected by James K. Finlay and Sons

The Vietnam and Korean Monuments…a monument honoring soldiers during those two wars and was donated by the American Legion Post # 370 and Auxiliary.

The World War I Statue… “Charging  Over the Top” a bronze  monument designed by German artist, Frank Teich.

The Old Llano Jail:  Built in 1895 from Llano granite.  The original gallows remain located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the jail.

The Badu House:  Built in 1891  for the National Bank of Llano during the iron boom and was sold in 1898 to  Professor N.J. Badu.  The exterior brick and granite is the same as when built and also has a elegant oak staircase at the entry.  The Badu House is a Texas Historical Landmark and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Llano Historical Museum: Llano was once a boom town due to the production of iron ore.  Visiting the museum you will see numerous exhibits of gems and minerals and Indian and early Texas artifacts. They include such items as pistols, turn of the century tools, pioneer household items and weapons used by the settlers and Indians.

Llanite:A rare type of brown granite with blue crystals and pink feldspar and is found only in the Llano area.  The largest piece in the world is housed at the Badu House.

Pearls:  Pearls, some valued at thousands of dollars have been found in the freshwater mussels along the Colorado River and along the shores of Lake Buchanan.

Willow City Loop:  A scenic wildflower and Bluebonnet Trail located between Llano and Fredericksburg.  The road twists and turns through the Hill Country showcasing not only wildflowers but also abundant wildlife, including eagles, and extensive Texas botany.

When visiting Llano Texas nearby attractions include Mason and Burnet.

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