Nederland, Texas

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nederlandNederland is a city in Jefferson County, Texas.  The city was settled in 1897 along what is now Boston Avenue and incorporated in 1940. It was settled by Dutch immigrants on land sold by the Kansas City Southern railroad.  The first settler at Nederland was George Rienstra; forty others arrived in November 1897. As other immigrants followed, Nederlanders began establishing truck and dairy farms. Rice production was especially popular until overproduction, overspeculation and the depression of 1907 virtually wiped out the rice industry at Nederland. Many of the recent immigrants left. Prosperity was restored by the discovery of the Spindletop oilfield on January 10, 1901.  The Sun Oil Company established a major terminal just to the north at Sun and the Texas Company built a plant a mile south of Nederland. An interurban line tied the former Dutch community with Beaumont and Port Arthur in 1913.  Electricity was provided shortly thereafter, and telephone and gas service came during the mid -1920’s.  During the same decade the Humphrey Oil Company and Pure Oil Company (subsequently Union Oil) built a refinery at Smith’s luff to the east, drawing largee numbers of former Louisiana residents to Nederland. The refineries and related petroleum industries have continue to be a mainstay of the city’s economy. 

Nederland Attractions:

La Maison Des Acadiens Museum… Shortly after the settlement began French immigrants came to the area from South Louisiana.  This museum honors those immigrants and was built as a replica of early Acadian home.  Located in Tex Ritter Park.

Windmill Museum… This museum built to preserve Dutch heritage the windmill’s 25 foot bales revolve.  Exhibits include artifacts from the city’s founding, mementos of famed country singer Tex Ritter and native son w.F. (Buddy) Davis’s Olympic Gold Medal.  Located in 1500 Block of Boston Avenue in Tex Ritter Park.

Recommended Restaurants:

Schnooner Restaurant…Noted for its seafood dishes.  Located at 1507 Highway 69.

Sartin’s Seafood…Another great seafood restaurant.  Located at 3520 Nederland Ave.

Pho Ha…. Noted for its Asian and Vietnamese food.  Located at  3324 Nederland Ave.

When visiting Nederland nearby attractions include Orange, Beaumont, and Port Arthur.

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