Uncertainity in Uncertain

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Uncertain Texas

Uncertain is a very small town (population app. 150) located on Caddo Lake in Eastern Texas.  The town is in an area of cypress trees, swamps, gators, and aquatic birds. It is a beautiful bayou area with high water and backwater swamps and one of the places to visit in East Texas.

The main “industry” of the city is tourism by offering cabins, camping, tours and birdwatching in the area. Boat tours around Caddo Lake are offered and showcase the vase diversity of the area.

In the fall of 2009 there was extreme flooding in the area and many of tourist cabins, bed and breakfasts and small hotels were flooded out. Tours were cancelled and fishing and boating came to a halt. Even the campgrounds were closed due to the high water. As you drove down the one main street of the city you could certainly see that the future of the city is uncertain.

As to how the city got its name is also uncertain. There are several stories as why the name was chosen . One of the legends goes something like this…the steamboats captains coming to and from Jefferson, Tx ( a major port in that era) had a difficult time mooring their vessels at a place they called “Uncertain Landing” as they were uncertain if they would be moor (or fasten) their boats at that specific stop. The other story about how it was given its name is that the early council members, when filing the paperwork to apply to become a township, could not decide on a name. The paperwork was submitted to Austin, and on the line for the name of the town the word “Uncertain” was written (instead of leaving the line blank) and thus Austin believed the town to be named Uncertain.

Uncertain Attractions:

Today the town is a tourist destination for hunting, fishing, birdwatching, photography and viewing nature. There are a few simple restaurants, cottages and cabins, a flea market and a shop or two. Visit the area for its access to nature and the sights and sounds of Caddo Lake. Enjoy the simple treasure of this small quiet town for who knows how long it can exist.

When visiting the area nearby attractions include Marshall, Jefferson, Atlanta and Waskom.

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