Wyler Aerial Tramway

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Wyler Aerial Tramway, 196 acre site, and a ride to the top is well worth it. To the east, visitors will view the City of El Paso, to the west lies the western side of the city, plus the Rio Grande and the endless southern desert of New Mexico. To the north visitors will observe the rocky ridge of the Franklin Mountains.

The ride to the top is enjoyable any time of day but the best time of day is about an hour prior to sunset. Take the tram up and watch the sunset over the mountains and then watch the city of lights come alive the surrounding area s it sinks into darkness.

Visitors can purchase tickets at the tramway station to ride a gondola that will transport them to the top of Ranger Peak. The Swiss made gondolas travel on a 2,600 feet long, 1 3/8 inch diameter steel cable. While waiting to depart, the visitor can view part of the machinery and mechanism of the system through a window located on the south side of the base station. On the smooth ride to the top, the cabin attendant will describe the different cacti and rock formations along the way. Abundant wildlife, including reptiles, birds and insects, offer exciting viewing opportunities. The 4 minute ride soars above a vast canyon that is 240 feet deep in some places.

From Ranger Peak, 5,632 feet above sea level, the visitor can enjoy the view of 7,000 square miles encompassing three states and two nations. The tramway ride is a memorable experience offering a vista of the vastness and stark beauty of the southwest.

The station at the top provides accessible ramps and paved grounds leading into an observation deck with a 360 degree view. Pay per view high power telescopes enhance the experience.


$7 for each person 13 yrs. and over

$4 for each person 12 yrs. and under


  • Friday and Saturday: 12:00 – 8:00 p.m.Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.Ticket
    sales and last gondola up end one hour before closing. The Gift Shop closes at
    the same hours respectively.
    We are closed on Monday-Thursday.

Closures due to adverse weather conditions – When high winds, an electrical storm, or other adverse weather conditions are such that operation could be hazardous to passengers or equipment, the aerial tramway will temporarily stop operation until the conditions pass. Should such conditions develop while the tram is in operation, loading of passengers will stop, and operation shall be continued only as long as necessary to unload passengers.

Contact Information:

Wyler Aerial Tramway

1700 McKinley

El Paso, Texas 79930

(915) 566-6622

Nearby Attractions:

In the El Paso area are three other state park facilities: The Franklin Mountains State Park; Hueco Tanks State Historic Site (great rock art and rock climbing); and Magoffin Home State Historic Site (the only historic home site in El Paso). The City of El Paso offers Wilderness Park Museum (offering a historical perspective of life in the El Paso area); Chamizal National Memorial (cultural events offered throughout the year); and other attractions such as the El Paso Speedway, and the El Paso Museum of Art.

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